Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy weekend

Wow, What a weekend, was late droping of a birthday cake(got lost) run back to the shop to grab Kerbie McKays Huge wedding cake 300 pp. It was cute, not the most exciting design ever, but done well. Boy, am I glad I thought to bring my own flowers, the topper was a little beat up.
After that I went to the best b-day party at my neighbors, I made a Kyle Bush Nascar cake(I hate sports) it was cute but a bit wet from the thunder storm. A few shots later noboby could tell it was a cake left out in the rain.
Sunday rolled around and it was the Chopria indian wedding for 400!!! OMG that is huge, Beautiful reception thanks to Carolyn Shepard Design Group, and Samantha with Emma Grace Designs. Just gorgeous. Calla lillies, Crystals everywhere, good stuff. Hope you like the pic'soxox Cake Lady Jill